Interior Photographs - 3

Rear Door 1.jpg (103051 bytes) The large rear storage area is easily accessible.
Single Beds 2a.jpg (60078 bytes) There are two drawers beneath each lounge, and a pull-down door for access to the rear storage area beneath the night table.  Two additional drawers are in the night table.

Airliner-type storage compartments are overhead.

Note the abundance of lights. There are two overhead fixtures, and swivel reading lamps over each lounge.

You can also see one of the lounge stereo speakers recessed into the ceiling. The overhead AC unit can also be seen.

The brown panel beneath the lounge converts 110v park power to 12v.

FloorPlan.jpg (43463 bytes) This cut-away drawing gives you a pretty good sense of the arrangement, except that the toilet and sink are reversed.