Interior Photographs - 1

Cocktails 4.jpg (62674 bytes)

The captain's chairs swivel, and a round cocktail table fits into floor to make a nice conversation area.

Dining Table 2.jpg (80987 bytes) A rectangular dining table fits into the floor between the lounges.  Four can dine comfortably; six if places are set at each end.
Double Beds 4.jpg (59899 bytes) The twin beds are converted into a 72" bed by dropping fitted supports into place and moving the couch bolsters to the center. This is a foot wider than a queen-size bed.
Galley 4.jpg (58653 bytes) This is the galley with the sink cover and the chopping block cook-top cover in place.  The bright surface behind the cook-top is stainless steel.
Galley 3.jpg (57686 bytes) Here the sink and cook-top covers have been removed.  The dark square panel at the bottom of the cabinet is the propane cabin furnace.  It's thermostatically controlled.