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elk painting.jpg (95803 bytes) 1925 primitive oil painting of elk in woods.  34W x 45H $150.00
indian painting.jpg (46129 bytes) Old watercolor with Indian in canoe, tepee in background.  43W x 22H 150.00
misc oil landscapes.jpg (84163 bytes) 3 old oil landscapes with mountains & water.
English calendar print of fly fishermen.
animal silhouettes.jpg (82047 bytes) 4 animal silhouettes:  1 antique needlepoint, 1 cross-stitch, 1 new needlepoint, 1 paper cutout. 50.00
indians.jpg (73117 bytes) New painting of 5 Indians on ponies on the warpath.
17H x 41W  Looks like cave painting.
wooden masks.jpg (60792 bytes) 11 carved wooden masks from Mexico 50.00